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Daily program




Wine, Beer and Cocktail tastings

Our Sommelier guided Wine, Beer and Cocktail tastings are popular with guests. They include a cocktail food truck that will serve guests with a selection of wine, beer and cocktails. The evening is fun, educational and entertaining with stories about each drink and ingredients that go into them to make them special.

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Enjoy an evening of tastings of local wines with our professional wine experts. Learn about the County terrior, food pairings.

So, want to learn how to taste and evaluate a glass of wine like an expert? Easy. Follow our wine tasting tips at this charming session—but before you start sipping, we will make sure you’re in the right tasting environment. Contact us to reserve a tasting.

Insiders Guide

Read about what’s new in Prince Edward County. Where to eat, drink, play and discover during your stay in Prince Edward County! Read more about 100 things to do in PEC! We have also create sample activity plans and itineraries for you.

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Whether it’s your first time to The County or you’ve already fallen in love and are ready to come back for more, there are plenty of new things to see and do this season!

The Vic Café

Fresh meets fun at this Modern Diner. Vegan, gluten-free, meat lovers friendly.  

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM; 166 Picton Main St, Picton  |   (613) 476-2233  

 La Condesa 

They hand make each and every soft tortilla served at their establishment – done in the traditional # nixtamal method using locally sourced corn and a whole lot of hard work. This Aztec method is over 2000 years old and allows the tortillas to retain all its flavour.

298 Wellington Main Street, Wellington  |  (613) 399-2007

Marans Dinebar 

 Globally Inspired County Cuisine. A venture by Chef Guerin Sykes with local art, artisans, vendors, and ingredients. Countylicious is coming! Call, email or DM for Reservations. If the Open sign is visible, come on in!!  

222 Picton Main St, Picton, Ontario  |  |  (613) 920-1195

Stella’s Eatery

 It all began with Stella Pamajewon Marshall, Chef Leah Marshall Hannon’s great grandmother. Stella raised her family on the shores of Pickerel River. With only a small isolated general store for supplies, her community foraged, hunted and depended on the abundance mother nature offered them. Stella honed the wisdom and techniques passed down to her from her ancestors, and created comfort in the form of food.   

172 Main Street Unit 105, Picton |  DINNER Thursday-Saturday 5PM-9PM Monday 5PM-9PM  |  BRUNCH Sunday 10AM-2PM 

County Yum Club

County Yum Club is the freshest place to grab delicious, wholesome and scratch-made food. Our hot line is open 11-6 for the County’s best shawarma, and our cold fridge is stocked with surprisingly delightful pre-made salads, sandwiches, dips, and more!  

252 Main Street, Picton |  |  (613) 654-9771

Weddings and Special Events

You will not find a more fabulous, cost effective and convenient location for your celebration in Prince Edward County. Lots of options.

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You will not find a more fabulous, cost effective and convenient location for your celebration in Prince Edward County. We offer a few venues: A waterfront wedding option, a pasture farm setting with amazing vistas. Hundreds of feet of pristine waterfront, a 200 year history, onsite accommodation and acres of open fields.

Let us know your budget and we will connect you with reputable celebration event resources who will manage all your needs  – catering, pavilions, seating and more. Read more.

Scuba Dives

If you want to learn to scuba dive, organize a group dive, learn more about diving or buy scuba or snorkeling equipment, contact us at Ducks Dive. 

Instructors and divers: Book a shore dive.

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Dive Packages 

Shore dives are available with advance reservations at $25 per diver per day. Beverages, snacks, lunch packs and water are available at our retail shop. 

Tank rentals: Full tanks are available for rent at $25 per tank including air. Tank refills coming soon.

Public Long Point Government Dock & Boat Launch is a kilometer away in the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area (NWA).

Divers: please contact your instructors and dive shops for group dives. We hope to have families of divers also stay at our cottages for a weekend or a week. Pebbles Beach Resort is family oriented and will have lots of activities for spouses and kids of divers.  

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Cottage Rates

Our sun filled cottages are inspired by minimalist Swedish design. They are charmingly rustic and offer the simple comforts that we yearn for when on vacation.

The cottages are named after birds at the neighbouring wildlife sanctuary (Hummingbird,  Swan,  Sandpiper, Kingfisher and Warbler.

  • Swan and Kingfisher are 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath with three double beds. Sleeps 6 guests.
  • Sandpiper and warbler are 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath with two double beds. Sleeps 4 guests.
  • Hummingbird is a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath with 4 alcove beds in each bedrooms. Sleeps 8 guests.

Save 10% off season cottage rate of $480. Now $420 per night for 2B/4 guest cottages. $480 for 3B/6 guest cottages. WiFi and parking included, $15pp bike, snorkel, kayak all inclusive rental. Offer ends March 15, 2020. Contemporary two bedroom cottages.  fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, deck and fire pit. Plus a Club Lounge. Details》 Book now->   

Booking Details

  • $500 security deposit per cottage refundable after check out. 
  • Contact us if you may have any questions. 


  • 100% refund over 14 days before check-in date less $20 cancellation fee.
  • 50% refund 7-14 days before check-in date less $20 cancellation fee.
  • No refund less than 7 days before check-in date.

Fine print

  • All reservations will include a $500 security deposit per cottage, refundable 7 days after check out. 
  • Individual divers must mention the name of the scuba instructor and/or dive shop when making their reservation on the reservation page
  • All reservations must be made through the reservations page on this website.
  • Contact us if you may have any questions.

Come and Dive With Us!

The waters between Pt. Petre, in Prince Edward County, and the Main Duck Islands claimed more than 2/3rds of the ships that met their fate on Lake Ontario during the schooner and early steam era. A number of two and three masted schooners, barges, and steamers lie scattered around Prince Edward Point, Point Traverse, Timber and False Duck Island and the many treacherous shoals and bars of the area.

These wrecks are only a few of the many accessible from our location on Pt. Traverse.

1 / Annie Falconer

Built in 1867, this two masted schooner foundered between False Duck & Timber Islands and sank on Nov. 12, 1904. 110’x24’x9′, she lies in about 80′ of water on a mud bottom. The stern, broken off, lies close to the main hull which itself is beginning to show signs of her age. Much of her equipment can be found with the wreck eg. deadeyes, anchors, wheel, blocks, chain etc.

2 / Atlasco

Wooden propeller – 218′ x 33′ x 13′. Built in 1881 as a package freighter, she was later converted to a bulk barge. She was downbound during a gale on August 17, 1921 with a cargo of wire cable when she went down in about 43′ of water off the south shore of Pt. Traverse. All hands escaped safely in a lifeboat. View a ship’s wheel, rudder, winch, 4 anchors, coils of wire cable etc.

3 / City of Sheboygan

This 135’x27’x10′, three masted schooner was built in 1871. On Sept. 25, 1915, she sank with her cargo of coal in a violent storm. She took the lives of her 5 crew members with her. She sits upright on a hard bottom in 100′ of water off of Amherst Island. Masts, rigging, blocks deadeyes etc. adorn this beautiful, well preserved wreck.

4 / Manola

The front half of this steel steamer foundered in a storm while under tow on December 3, 1918. Built in 1890, both sections of her hull were enroute to Montreal to be rejoined for World War I service. Eleven lives were lost. The bow section lies upside down in 40′-80′ of water on the rocky floor of Lake Ontario.

5 / Olive Branch

This two masted schooner sank on the night of Sept. 30, 1880 near False Duck Island, taking the lives of the captain & crew. She rests in 100′ of water near one of the Pennicons, sitting upright at the base of a shoal. Intact, much of her equipment remains on board eg. deadeyes, wheel, anchor, blocks.

6 / R.H. Rae

This 137′ 3-masted bark, built at St. Catherines, Ontario in 1857, capsized & sank during a white squall on Aug. 3, 1858, south of Pt. Traverse in 105′ of water. An ornately-carved bow stem, hugh windlass, copper cappings on the bow, sampson and windlass posts, a pump, deck winch, deadeyes & more. Visibility can range from 50′-100′, depending upon water conditions.

7/ Fabiola

Built in 1852, this two masted schooner was 95′ x 22′ x 13′. Captain Danny Bates lost her on Oct. 23, 1900, just south of False Duck Island, on his way home from Oswego with a load of coal. No lives were lost. The hull sits upright in 55′ of water on a silty bottom. A section of the stern is colapsed.

8 / Florence

This steam tug sank on Nov. 14, 1933 in some 30′ of water off Timber Island with no loss of life. Originally 102′ x 19′ x 13′, her hull lies torn apart as her owners had tried to drag her to shore to salvage her engines. Intriguing rock formations and the fish that have made this wreck their home entertain many of the open water students who choose to dive her remains.

Sport? Fishing, scuba, biking, birds…

The area has some of the best cycling, snorkeling, sky gazing, biking and picnic locations. It is far away from the busy towns and offers amazing vistas!

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We offer our guests an opportunity to  experience a lifestyle close to nature and “off the beaten path” tranquil surroundings far from the city lights!

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Our cottages 

Our cottages offer a panoramic view of the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area – acres and acres of open fields perfect for hiking, habitat exploration and bird watching. 

Twice yearly, Prince Edward Point is visited by tens of thousands of migrating birds which use the area for a rest stop on their northward and southward journeys. Take advantage of our location to enjoy the excellent viewing during these migration periods.


Take a bicycle tour down little used country roads to discover the nearby fishing village, antique shops, conservation areas and Marine Museum. Within driving distance is the world’s largest sand dune system at Sandbanks Provincial Park.


Sportsfishing? Expect to catch walleye/pickeral, pike and salmon. Want more? Large and smallmouth bass, brown, rainbow and lake trout and muskelunge. A fisherman’s paradise awaits!


The waters around Point Traverse and the Duck Islands contain the wrecks of a number of 2 & 3-masted schooners, steamers, barges and freighters. Scuba diving charters are available to guests who wish to visit the shipwrecks dating back to storms of years gone by.

For visitors with their own boats, a public boat launching ramp is just minutes away. 


Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory is next door.  The PEPtBO Spring Birding Festival runs from May 9 to 18, 2020. Events include guided walks and tours, workshops, and banding demonstrations. The Canadian Nature Federation and Bird Studies Canada designated The County as an important global birding area (IBA) in 1998. The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory (PEPtBO) is located along the eastern tip of Prince Edward County about 20 minutes southeast of Picton, Ontario in a National Wildlife Area.

For more information on birding, including Spring-time bird banding demonstrations, and Fall Northern saw-whet owl banding, visit the Nature Matters – Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory website

Outdoor activities

Horseshoes, badminton, tetherball and volleyball facilities are on the premises.

Oxygen Infused Outdoor Rain Showers

Coming soon! Your own sixteen inch oxygen infused outdoor rain showers at each cottage. Th showers are private and allow guests to experience nature at its best in a lush green and peaceful setting.

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Our 16 inch outdoor oxygen infused rain showers turn showering into an exhilarating experience allowing guests to connect with nature in a private setting.  We will have a few on the property this season. 

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Cross-Resort Amenities

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Our water views

Splash around in our all natural infinity lagoon, conveniently located close to our game room, complete with an air hockey table. 

Relax and enjoy some good old-fashioned board games or charades in the Great Room situated next to the Lake House. 

Head down to the shores of Lake Ontario to use our outdoor recreation equipment rentals. All of this is right at your disposal during a Lake House vacation.

Pebbles Cherry Valley 

Pebbles Cherry Valley is a farmstead with hikes through miles of mature maple woods. Learn about organic farming and how we are kind to the land by following the best sustainable practices. Stay in commune with the land with a morning helping feeding our Rhode Island Red Chickens the most prolific egg layers in the world- one every 30 hours!

Pebbles Sandbanks

Pebbles Sandbanks is 3 minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park with over 500 feet of waterfront on East Lake is an oasis of refuge from the busy city lifestyle. Experience history in Prince Edward County’s first home built in 1782 soon after the American revolution by Loyalist General Henry Young.

Eco-Friendly Guest Perks

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Choose green with Pebbles. Experience our  sensational oxygen infused showers. All natural towels and bed linens inspired by the Ritz Carlton. 

From basic eco-friendly practices like our towel reuse program to more impactful green options, including the choice to decline housekeeping on a daily basis to save water, energy, and reduce the use of cleaning chemicals, we invite guests across our unique experiences to help us protect Pebbles and all its beauty. 

Visit the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory next to Pebbles. The waters off the tip of the peninsula are an important waterfowl staging and wintering area, for Greater Scaup, Long-tailed Duck and White-winged Scoter. Other waterbirds regularly recorded in large numbers include Common Loon, Horned Grebe, Common Goldeneye, Common Merganser and Red-breasted Merganser. 

Bike along South Shore. With amazing water views throughout your bike ride on Longpoint Road, you are unlikely to pass more than a car or two in an hour. The road is yours to enjoy.

Enjoy a picnic at a look out point. There are a few lookout points close to Pebbles. Take a picnic with you, rent some bikes and enjoy a day in commune with nature.

Wine Tours, hike, run, bike, walk, fish, swim.

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Get your workouts in while you’re on the road, just like you would at home. Thanks to being surrounded by ample opportunities to hike, run, bike, walk, swim- everything you could possibly need to burn off those vacation carbs and get your daily sweat in is right at your fingertips. 

Enjoy a winery and brewery tour, Return and sink into our lagoon for a blissful afternoon!

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Explore Sandbanks!

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No matter the season, there’s always something to do in Prince Edward County! Year-round, our guests enjoy an abundance of ways to get outside and enjoy the Bird Reserve next door, experience new adventures at the area’s many attractions, and make new discoveries at our varied wineries, breweries, museums, towns and more. Learn more->

Equipment Rentals

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There’s nothing quite like exploring the lake’s beauty by kayak, canoe, boat, skates, skis, or sled. 

Get the all inclusive summer sport package with your reservation. Includes bikes, kayaks, snorkels, body surf boards and more. $20pp per day.

So whether you’d like to enjoy our complimentary watercraft in the summer or take advantage of relationships we’ve built with local skate and ski shops, our team of guest service professionals can assist you in crafting your perfect vacation.